Accelerated Performance Plan

Being a successful businessman requires many skills.  The problem comes when trying to leverage all them all together.  Time becomes the enemy and soon you find yourself trapped. I created this guide to help you:

  • Eliminate The Overwhelm 
  • Reduce The Stress
  • Lock In The Time Management
  • Remove The Roadblocks


“If I’m going to help other people get better…it starts with me.”



“It’s myself I’ve been fighting this whole time, not the world.”


Health Care Administrator

“I had gotten complacent.  And that complacency was actually causing the wheels to start to fall off.”


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About Gerritt

Gerritt is a retired police officer who worked with SWAT and Special Operations. He spent the majority of his career working in assignments where lives were on the line. He now takes those same tools he honed in the real world and delivers a customizable program for CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them leverage time get the results in their lives that have been lacking.